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Four young United Methodist Pastors, One Podcast; follow our exploration of ministry in a rapidly changing world.

August 20, 2018

37 Naming the Powers with Rick Elgendy

Corey had the recent pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Rick Elgendy, professor of ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary. In this conversation, they discuss the powers and principalities and finally share their mutual love and admiration for William Stingfellow. It's a conversation that spans idolatry, ethics, the nature of evil and sin, and a great deal more. 

You may have noticed our schedule has been pretty wonky of late, we apologize as the summer has been a bit more chaotic than we would have liked, but we'll be back again soon with our regularly scheduled weekly episodes, hold tight!

August 6, 2018

36 A Sin by Any Other Name with Rob Lee

This week AhnnaLise and Corey are fortunate enough to sit down with Rob Lee, writer, speaker, public theologian, and (perhaps, at present, most notably) great (etc) grand nephew to Robert E Lee. A year out from Charlottesville, we discuss what it means to speak prophetically about racism and about oppression and injustice. Rob brings his perspective on speaking out against racism after having lost his position in his church as a result of his speaking out. 

Give us a listen, respond, question, and we'll see you back next week.

July 20, 2018

35 Money, Sex, Power with Dr Walter Brueggemann

After a very exciting turn of events, Corey was fortunate enough to sit down in person with Dr. Walter Brueggemann, one of the 20th (and 21st) centuries' leading biblical scholars. 

What does the current state of American politics mean for being prophetic and preaching the Word in our modern world? What does it mean to preach and proclaim spiritually rather than historically? We discuss these topics and a great deal more in this episode. 

June 22, 2018

34 Be Here Now with Bishop Karen Oliveto

This week Corey is joined by friends Nick and Ethan who welcome Bishop Karen Oliveto, Bishop of the Mountain Sky Conference who is also the first openly gay bishop in the United Methodist Church. During this episode, we discuss what it means to be an openly gay bishop as Bishop Karen tells us her call story, as well as what it means to be a United Methodist and a Christian in our modern world. It is an incredible episode and one you do not want to miss. 

June 14, 2018

33 Sanctuary! with Jill Zundel

While at Michigan's Annual Conference Corey got a chance to sit down with Jill Zundel, pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Detroit, one of the, unfortunately, few churches involved in the modern sanctuary movement, a movement centered on housing undocumented immigrants and immigrants under threat of deportation. Jill recently completed a walk from Detroit to Lansing to raise awareness for the movement and for the refugees and families currently housed at Central UMC. 

June 5, 2018

32 Flint Recovery with Greg Timmons

This week during Michigan's Annual Conference Corey was fortunate enough to sit down with Greg Timmons, the Recovery Coordinator in Flint, Michigan who deals with water distribution and community rebuilding efforts on a daily basis. Greg shares his perspective as Corey listens in and asks the questions we're still wondering about when it comes to Flint. Did you know the United Methodist Church is the only church involved in Flint recovery at a denominational level? Hear about this and other details on the ground in Flint from someone living it. 

May 22, 2018

31 Man Enough with Nate Pyle

Does our Jesus look more like the Americanized rugged individual or the oppressed person of color? More like a mighty warrior or a lamb who was slain? A killer of his enemies or a mother hen calling her chicks home? This week Corey and Danny were fortunate enough to sit down with Nate Pyle, author of Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood, and don't worry, it's not what you think it is. We talk in this episode about toxic masculinity as well as about what redemptive masculinity and redeemed humanity actually might look like. 

You can find Man Enough over on the Amazon page.

May 16, 2018

30 50 Years of United Methodism with Charlie Baber

We were lucky enough to sit down with Charlie Baber, author and artist of The Wesley Bros, a Methodist webcomic, for a third time, this time talking about the anniversary that just sort of snuck by, the 50th anniversary of the UMC. We take some time to talk about the good things the UMC has done, the fearful place we seem to find ourselves in, and of course, we spend some time talking about what gives us hope. 
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May 8, 2018

29 Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians with Brandan Robertson

This week AhnnaLise and Corey got to sit down with Brandan Robertson, pastor at Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diago California and author of the new book, Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians. We spend some time talking about the book, a collection of essays, as well as some time to talk about the current state of the church and what we can learn from the far-right takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.  

The book can be found over at the Amazon store page.

May 1, 2018

28 Christ on the Psych Ward with David Hosey

This week Corey and AhnnaLise meet with David Finnegan Hosey, author of Christ on the Psych Ward a book detailing his experience in the mental health system as well as how Christian theology is lived out therein. 

You can find his book over at Christ on the Psych Ward Amazon Page

And the book's website over at https://www.christonthepsychward.com/