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Four young United Methodist Pastors, One Podcast; follow our exploration of ministry in a rapidly changing world.

27 #MeToo

April 24, 2018

In what might be one of our most important episodes we are joined by Rev Cara Rockhill from the Episcopal Church as well as fellow UM pastor, JillAnn Knonenborg to discuss the #MeToo Movement as well as sexual violence both inside and outside the church and how we as pastors, and especially we male pastors like Danny, Corey, and Jeff, should be responding and raising awareness to the issues of rape, assault, and violence perpetrated against women, children, and men and how the church has often been silent on this issue. 
So if you've ever wondered how you can be a better ally, how to talk about this issue, this episode might be a good starting place or way to continue the conversation. 

*Content Warning* We discuss matters that may be uncomfortable and potentially triggering for some, so if you find yourself bothered by discussions of this variety, please consider this your warning.